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We live                                                              Legendary Auto Interiors

          in an

       age of



      because everything you can imagine is available for      and truck enthusiasts including educational semi-
      your car building project. Legendary Auto Interiors      nars where the do-it-yourselfer can learn the ropes
      has been serving restorers since 1985 with a wide        and become familiar with where they need to go
      variety of interior options for popular GM and           for goods and services. Aftermarket manufacturers
      Chrysler collectibles. What’s more, it can produce a     and businesses make it their business to teach the
      custom interior centered on your individual vision.      do-it-yourselfer. Your success is surely theirs as you
                                                               begin to learn new skills you can practice in your
        The SEMA Show offers so many options for car
                                                               home workshop.

                                                                                         LEFT:  SEMA  is  for  any-
                                                                                         thing that rolls including
                                                                                         this  classic  VW  micro
                                                                                         bus.  If  you  grew  up  in
                                                                                         the  1960s  you  remem-
                                                                                         ber these minivans quite
                                                                                         This  entrance  way  is
                                                                                         used for display of man-
                                                                                         ufacturer  sponsored  SE-
                                                                                         MA  car  displays  exhib-
                                                                                         iting the best of the best
                                                                                         in  car  builder  and  cus-
                                                                                         tomizer talents. An addi-
                                                                                         tional  100  plus  SEMA
                                                                                         cars  line  the  exterior  of
                                                                                         the convention center.

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