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GM Performance

              ABOVE: GM Performance staged an LS teardown and build up to get SEMA goers familiar with
              this exciting new high-performance pushrod V-8. Though the LS has been in production since the
              late 1990s, it is always undergoing improvements that make it a world class V-8.

                                                                                     LEFT:  Walking  the  SEMA
                                                                                     show floor is a huge Christ-
         B&M Racing
                                                                                     mas  wish  list  because
                                                                                     there’s so much to see and
                                                                                     admire.  There  are  also
                                                                                     plenty  of  sales  and  tech
                                                                                     reps  on  hand  to  answer

                                                                                     B&M® specializes in perfor-
                                                                                     mance automatic transmis-
                                                                                     sions,  torque  converters,
                                                                                     SFI  approved  flexplates,
                                                                                     legendary  automatic  shift-
                                                                                     ers, precision manual shift-
                                                                                     ers,  and  many  other many
                                                                                     other  transmission  prod-

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